Corine Oosterlee (1957, The Netherlands)
Photographer, botanist and botanical guide in Dordogne, in varying proportions

Corine takes pictures of what she sees around her, in the woods, fields and valleys here in Perigord. 

There is a lot of nature and plant life in her pictures. Her vision is shaped by her training in biology and her experiences as a botanist. The habit of precise and rigorous observation inspires her photographic eye. Of course she pictures wildflowers and natural habitats of Perigord, but not only.

In her “fine art” images, matter, texture and composition often become more important than the 'subject' and the boundaries between painting or drawing and photography are sometimes blurred. The print (support, size, craftmanship) is an integral part of the work. 

Sometimes her images are exhibited in Dordogne, sometimes also elsewhere.

Corine takes part in the networks of botanists in the region and contributes to the knowledge of the wild flora. By offering walks and excursions for those interested in wild flora, she shares her knowledge of botany and the joys of being in woodlands and fields. 


Walking, moving around, has always been a part of my life, and now I take a camera. Since ever I found plants fascinating, their silent way of being here and living their lives in parallel with ours, and indifferent to us humans. I like to be with them where they live. I am not the kind of person to be immobilized in a hide to capture wild animals, even if I love their presence and am happy if our paths cross. Nearly all of my photographs are taken within a few square kilometres of the Périgord. I don't travel for photography. For environmental reasons but also because I am not that interested in hotspots and places to be. It is behind the façade of the spectacular or picturesque that interesting things happen, I think, and it takes time and immersion to arrive at an understanding that allows a personal interpretation. After years of photography in all seasons in a small corner of Dordogne I am just beginning to see... 


Art photography, documentary images, commissioned works
Wildflower portraits :
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